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New Fuse Board, lighting & sockets for shared housing (HMO) in Barrow in Furness

We were recently contacted by a landlord in Barrow in Furness looking to move the fuse board in their property that they rented out. Upon inspection it was deemed that the existing fuse board and wiring didn’t currently meet safety standards which would make their insurance void and could be a safety issue for the tenants.

We organised a time to suit the tenants and landlord and managed to get the fuse board moved with minimal mess. The new fuse board benefitted from new AFDD’s which are a requirement for HMO properties and rentals that have multiple occupants. This is a new regulation from the 18th edition wiring regulation AM3 recently introduced and now being enforced.

While we were there the customer asked us to add in some dome lights in all the communal areas, these have movement sensors meaning the lights only turn on when movement is detected. These are very efficient and avoid running up costly electricity bills from tenants leaving lights on.

If you’re looking to get your fuse board moved or need a new one get in touch today, we can help with making your home or business safer and more energy efficient.

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