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We recently worked with in partnership with The Kendal Kitchen Company to help fit a customers kitchen in Kendal. The customer wanted a complete kitchen revamp including lighting, additional sockets and the oven moving. 

We worked in collaboration with the kitchen fitters to plan out a schedule of work that would be least disruptive to the kitchen being fit. After all no customer wants to be without a kitchen for very long!

New Plugs in Kitchen

Once the old kitchen was removed we immediately got to work. The first job was to move and replace all the old sockets. The old kitchen was poorly planned, making cooking in it difficult. Plugs were located in random spots meaning that the customer was left frustrated when trying to cook. We worked with the customer to plan out the best spots for the plugs. Fitting 6 new double sockets they now have all the sockets they could ever need. They were also made to sit at the same level making the kitchen look more aesthetically pleasing.

Moving the Oven

The oven was also moving in the kitchen, this meant that the feed needed to be moved before the kitchen was fitted or the tiling started. We moved the supply to a new location that will pass all future building regulations.

Moving the Light Switches

It was also decided to move the light switches while the kitchen was out, moving them to the entrance of the kitchen.

Installation of a new fuse board

As this was going to be a rental property in Kendal we also advised the customer that the customer would need to replace the old fuse board to certify the property as compliant and safe. As part of the kitchen job we fit a new modern fuse board with RCBO’s for all circuits. This means that should something trip in the property the switch can easily be turned back on avoiding the need for call outs.

Certification for Rental

The property and kitchen was rewired, fitted and certified as safe. Meaning the landlord can now get the property ready for rental.

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